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Customer Satisfaction at Motorheads Performance is our highest priority. What's easiest for you?

We've tried to make the process of purchasing parts easiest for you.  Whether you choose to purchase the parts yourself, or have Motorheads do it for you, rest assured that you are receiving name brands at prices usually always lower than what you can find yourself.  At Motorheads, we don't mark up our parts 30, 50, 100 percent or more as other shops do.  Here, we'll detail your choices. 

Most often, we purchase parts at Wholesale or Discount Pricing direct from the manufacturers or distributors.  We prefer to pass these savings on to you, charging only for shipping we are billed for, or a flat Parts Pickup Fee of $35 which helps to offset the time and fuel costs we incur when we can obtain the parts locally. We find that in almost all cases, this method of billing saves greatly over List Prices.

When dealing with Motorheads Performance, you are always given the opportunity to purchase your own parts.  You can bring them to us, ship them to us yourselves, or have the place you purchase from drop-ship them directly to Motorheads Performance.  We are happy to discuss the parts with you prior to your purchase in order to ensure that you are ordering the correct parts.

Although infrequent, in the cases of rare vehicles, those with hard to find parts, or when the manufacturers are no longer in business, we may need to assess a Research Fee for the time we spend finding parts which will work with your vehicle. Many of our customers actually like the research, and spend time themselves trying to locate these hard-to-find parts.  Once located, we'll discuss your finds and help to make sure that they will work before you make your purchase, as often these parts are non-returnable, or charge high re-stock fees.

When you bring your classic car or truck to Motorheads Performance for services, you'll receive a complete list our Policies.  This Agreement outlines what Motorheads Performance will do for you, and what you can do in order to get the very best from your experience with us.  We look forward to helping you achieve your goals, and stand behind our commitment to providing you with excellent service.  We strive for complete customer satisfaction.  It's the key to our success, and important to the enjoyment of your hobby or passion.  

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