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Motorheads has been named Top Shop by Corvette Fever Magazine 2 years running!



Whether you need your engine replaced because the mechanical problem is too big, the mileage on your engine doesn't warrant the cost of repair, your engine is "tired", you want more power, or you simply don't know what is wrong, contact Motorheads Performance for help & affordable alternatives. See how we can help you with your engine problems.


Motorheads Performance offers Engine Swap services in their Leesville, Texas shopEngine Upgrades


Upgrades to your induction, ignition and exhaust systems helps you utilize the money you've put into your engine by making sure that your engine isn't being robbed of power elsewhere.  We'll make sure that you have what it takes for your ride to fire right, breathe deep and exhale smoothly! We can look at upgrades to your wiring, suspension and brakes for safety and functionality, as well as making your ride more enjoyable. From A/C, brake conversions, new wiring harnesses, and IFS suspensions, we can help.


                  IFS Independent Front Suspension installed by Motorheads Performance


And, since Motorheads' specialty is performance, we love to help deliver more power and performance to give you the horsepower you crave!  We'll look over your engine and all the systems combined to find the best way to increase horsepower and performance.


GTO 428 Engine - Customer wants more horsepower!          GTO 428 Engine - Found main bearings were about to spin          GTO 428 Engine - Partial Rebuild Ready to Install




Motorheads can revitalize an engine that's been sitting too long.  Let us help get your ride back in running condition! Troubleshooting


Motorheads Performance provides troubleshooting services for engines that won't start, are slow to start or have difficulty running smoothly. Whether you need help with your carburetor, cam, induction system, exhaust system, heads, pistons, push rods, rocker arms, timing or tuning, Motorheads Performance has the experience to get the job done right.  We engineer performance into every job we do. We'll  help you look at all your options so you can decide what is best for your budget and your power needs.













Motorheads Performance offers Engine Swap services in their Leesville, Texas shopEngine Assembly

We often see failed attempts at a fix by it's owner and the engine comes to us in pieces needing reassembly.


Engine in Pieces Needing Reassembly                    Engine in Pieces - Reassembled & Installed by Motorheads




Motorheads can revitalize an engine that's been sitting too long.  Let us help get your ride back in running condition! Engine Revitalizations &  Restorations


Motorheads Performance  performs restoration and revitalization services for engines that have sat too long, have seized or need help bringing back to full beauty. And, if you're looking for more power and better performance, we'll help you upgrade your engine with quality parts designed to work with your current setup, or convert into one that will deliver the performance you desire.























Motorheads Performance Shop will swap out your engine quickly and affordably. Installations & Engine Swaps


Is your current engine tired or completely shot? We will assess whether your engine can be restored, needs machine shop work, or needs replacement. Do you have or need a second engine, a rebuilt engine or a new crate engine that you want to swap out with your current engine?  Motorheads will remove your current engine and install the replacement quickly and within your budget.  














Motorheads Performance Shop will swap out your engine quickly and affordably. Rebuilt Engines


Is your current engine just plain tired, but has been otherwise reliable?  We will assess whether an engine rebuild could be the answer for you. For a small fee, we'll magnaflux your engine, measure the bore, look for excessive signs of wear or breakage, and check the condition of all components.  If everything looks good, we'll give you a quote for your specific engine rebuild.  Stock rebuilds typically run $1200 to $1500, while adding performance parts such as a performance cam will add to the cost.  Call us to see whether a rebuilt engine may be a good solution for you.


Engine Troubleshooting - Sludge Buildup on Tired Engine was fixed by Motorheads Performance          We can help with bent push rods at Motorheads Performance          Rebuilt Engine by Motorheads Performance




Motorheads can install a factory Crate Engine for your classic musclecar, street rod or race car. Installation of Crate Engines


Looking for an engine to power your classic musclecar, street rod or race car? Let Motorheads install a factory Crate Engine for your ride! A Crate Engine provides power, performance and factory-backed warrantee. Your brand new engine comes as a short block, long block or deluxe assembly. The decision is yours. Motorheads will install your engine quickly and at reasonable rates. Call us for your estimate.

Motorheads Installs Crate Engines from:

GM 572 Crate Engine.jpg   GM Performance Parts -

                            GM guarantees all-new components and offers a 12 month or 12,000 warrantee.


Mopar Blown Hemi.JPG   Mopar Performance

                            Mopar offers a 90 day limited warrantee.


GM 502 Crate Engine.jpg   Ford Racing Performance Parts

                            Ford offers a 12 month or 12,000 limited warrantee.


Crate Engines Arrive Ready to Install





Motorheads can install a factory Crate Engine for your classic musclecar, street rod or race car. Custom Engines


Do you have a specific engine build in mind?  Motorheads will take your list of desired components and put together a custom engine that will give you exactly what you want. Have a specific horsepower goal in mind?  We can configure an engine that'll deliver the power you crave, at a cost that's affordable.  Your new engine comes equipped exactly as engineered, with full warrantee on the engine. Let us know  your needs and how you'll be using your new engine so we can find the right solution for you.






Motorheads can install a factory Crate Engine for your classic musclecar, street rod or race car. Manual Transmissions & Drivetrains


Motorheads' Performance offers repair, swaps and restoration services on manual transmissions. Whether you want to switch from automatic to stick for your musclecar, or your transmission has just seen better days,  we can help.  We diagnose, repair, rebuild, restore, replace or upgrade manual transmissions, we will replace automatic transmissions with smooth manual transmissions to enhance your driving experience, and we work on driveshafts (including cutting and balancing), axles, gears and bearings. See what Motorheads can do to improve your ride's performance!


Manual Transmission Services at Motorheads



Motorheads can install a factory Crate Engine for your classic musclecar, street rod or race car. Suspensions


Motorheads  repair, swaps. conversions and restoration services on all types of suspension systems. Whether you want to switch from drum to power disc brakes, or restore your stock brakes, we can help.  We diagnose, repair, rebuild, restore, replace or upgrade suspension components, including brake systems, steering, wheel repair, rechroming and more.




Whether you need your engine repaired or replaced, or you simply want more power,

contact Motorheads Performance for help & affordable alternatives.

Call to see how we can help you with your engine problems.


call Motorheads at 830-424-3883

Motorheads Performance specializes in cars and trucks from the 1920's through 1970's.  Performance upgrades, engine restorations, engine swaps, repairs and partial to full restoration services.  We can recreate bone-stock vehicles (how cars looked and ran when they left the factory) utilizing NOS (new old stock) parts or hunt down original parts.  We also use high-quality after-market products from top-name manufacturers (see our products page for partial listing) for those wanting late-model drivetrains, suspensions, A/C etc. Motorheads accepts street rods, muscle cars, classic cars, hot rods, antiques, classic trucks and custom cars and trucks.  We perform work on Mopars, GM, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Ford, GMC, Plymouth, Pontiac, AMC, Buick and Olds of the 1920's to 1970's. 

Muscle Cars include popular makes and models from 1964 to 1972 (the muscle car era),  such as AMX, Dart, Nova, Nova Super Sport, Chevelle, Chevelle SS, Impala, Cuda, Impala SS, Corvette, Sting Ray, Corvair, Monte Carlo, Charger, Hemi-Charger, Charger R/T, Cobra, GTX, Hemi Cuda, Shelby Cobra, Challenger, Coronet, GTO, Mustang, Mustang Fastback, Shelby Mustang, Mustang 2+2, Mustang Mach I, Rouche Mustang, Boss Mustang, Fairlane 427, Torino Cobra, Cyclone GT, Camaro, Camaro SS, Cuda, Trans Am, Firebird, Formula Firebird, Scrambler, Barracuda, Cougar, Cyclone Spoiler, AMC Javelin, Olds 442, Hurst Olds, Super Bee, Superbird, Duster, TransAm, Biscayne, Satellite and Road Runner.  

Classic Cars include cars of the 1950's to 1970's such as the Bel Air, Chevy Two-Ten, One-Fifty, Nomad, Corvette, Stingray, Malibu, Thunderbird, Fairlane, Crown Vic, Ranchero, Lincoln, Continental, Sunliner, DeSoto, Custom Royal, V-8 Royal Lancer, Imperial, Studebaker, Belvedere, Olds Ninety-Eight, Biscayne, Rocket, Delta, Buick Wildcat, LaSalle, Falcon, Nash, Hudson, Chrysler New Yorker, Customline Tudor, Crestline, Royal 500, Coronet, Custom Imperial, Packard, Willys, Sedan Delivery, Mercury Monterey, Montclair, Phaeton, Capri, Crestline, Customline, Kaiser, Star Chief, Catalina, Century, Roadmaster, Riviera, Roadmaster, Windsor, Fireflite Coronado, Victoria, Plymouth Fury, El Camino, Galaxie, Chevy II and other collectable cars and trucks of this era.

Antique Cars generally include makes and models from the 1920's thru 1940's by Cadillac, Buick, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Plymouth, Dodge, Pontiac, Buick, Hudson, Essex, Ford, Chrysler, Willys, Willy-Knight, DeSoto, Studebaker, Rockne, Dusenberg, Hupmobile, Cord, Packard, Pierce-Arrow and Nash. Beginning with oldies such as the Model T, Model A, Model L, Model 22, Model 55, Model 48, up to the Ford Sports Coupe, Chevy Cabriolet, Willys DeLuxe, Chevy Fleetline, Plymouth DeLuxe, Chrysler Town & Country "Woody" wagon and Nash Rambler... just to mention a few.

The terms Hot Rods and Street Rods can refer to cars of any of these eras (although there are certainly favorites among rodders), and the terms are often interchanged and confused.  Both tend to refer to vehicles which have been kept at or close to factory specs, with original engines, interiors and body. Some define Hot Rod as a beefed up vehicle built for high performance and probably sees at least occasional street or strip racing, whereas a Street Rod is a somewhat beefed up ride which is still very street legal and probably more favored for long pleasure rides, rod runs and cruises. While Hot Rods and Street Rods tend to use original drivetrains (or swap for small blocks or big blocks of the time if the original motor is tired), performance manifolds, tunnel rams, blowers, superchargers, cams, lifters, rods, breathers, fuel lines, suspensions, brakes, intake and exhaust systems are often added and/or upgraded to increase power and performance.   Custom vehicles have been quite altered from original factory specs, often exchanging original engines for later model power, modernized interiors that look little like the originals, and restyled bodies and trim.

Motorheads Performance has become known as nostalgia and traditionalist builders with "a pinch of high tech", preferring to keep stock vehicles as close to original as possible while giving customers the comforts and conveniences which will enhance their driving experience and allow them to get out and hit the roads in style!

830-424-3883        Tues-Sat 8am-6pm  Leesville, TX


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