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What others say about Motorheads of Leesville, Texas - Comments from trailer owners Performance customers...

  • "I can't believe the extra power I get!  What's even more incredible is that my gas mileage has actually gone up like Guy said it would.  I'm bringing in my other vehicles."  - CM in Gonzales Co., TX
  • "I've never been to a place that is willing to show me how to do things myself.  Guy's knowledge of cars is great, and he has a lot of patience."   - DT in Austin, TX
  • "Happen to have a few minutes at work, pulled up your internet site.  My goodness man!  You are amazing.  You come to Leesville, start a business that not only caters to performance individuals but you have captured the pulse of South Texas.....horseman, ranchers, farmers etc.  The thing that just really shocks me is your willingness to teach individuals as well as the manner in which you treat your customers.  I must say, I thought I would sort of be "thrown to the side a little"...let's face it, a (vehicle name withheld so as not to offend anyone!) is not classified in anyone's book as a street rod....but you were willing to work on it.  Just awesome.  I can tell you this.....I will be coming back to you on a regular basis....well that is until you run me off.  Probably be saying....damn (name omitted) don't you have a home.  Hey, great website...great attentiveness to the needs of all (support for boyscouts, horseman, ranchers, scholarships  etc.  Bottom-line....I can't think of a better, more versatile, customer-oriented business that provides everything from basic do -it -yourself instruction to state of the art..cutting edge technology.  - e-mail from Luling, TX

What others say about Motorheads of Leesville, Texas - Comments from trailer owners Hot Rod Owners...

  • "I had a rusted old muscle car which had sat for way too many years.  It became very rusty and the interior had baked and was crumbling apart.  I was thinking of replacing it with one already restored, but could not find another I liked as well as my own, thus decided to have it restored.  I found Motorheads online and decided to send an e-mail and photos of my car.  From the first contact, I felt very comfortable.  Guy was very helpful and honest with me when he came to look at my car.  He asked me exactly what I'd like done, and told me what he would suggest doing.   We sat down and detailed a list, worked out a time-line that was within my budget, and work has been going as scheduled.  I am eagerly awaiting the finish, but up to now we've been progressing at the pace which was decided ahead of time.  I called around to several places before finding Motorheads, but I have to say that they were the only ones I found who really listened to what I wanted and what I could afford. They were willing to work with me to find what would work for ME."        - RJ  in San Antonio, TX
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  • "I can't wait to come back again to finish my next project!  WOW!  I've got more power and a better ride than when new!" - CB in San Antonio, TX

What others say about Motorheads of Leesville, Texas - Comments from ranchers Troubleshooting & Repairs

  • "Although you're not that close to where I live,  you actually came to get my car, found what I needed fixed and delivered it back to me at a very reasonable price."  - San Antonio, TX
  • "Guy is friendly and instills confidence to customers."                 - SM in Gonzales County, TX
  • "Your work has  been been top-notch and the best prices around."            - CC in Spring Branch, TX
  • "Very sorry to hear of no (car) show (2007)... It was so much fun last year..."       - MW  in Seguin, TX



What others say about Motorheads of Leesville, Texas - Comments on what our customer like best... What is one thing you like best about us?


  • "Your honesty"
  • "Friendly"
  • "You"
  • "Fair pricing, courteous and finished job very quickly."
  • "You listen to what I need and want"
  • "Found your website. Very cool stuff!"



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